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How do the Crystals work

The crystal therapy is a method of treatment based on therapeutic PROPERTIES crystals and semi-precious stones.
The healing stones and minerals come from nature and emit vibrations similar to those of the higher areas of our consciousness.

Each crystal has distinct properties.
The crystal vibrations are similar to those emitted by our chakras, when in a completely healthy and balanced state.
The semi-precious and precious stones have the ability to cleanse the energy centers (chakras) and charging them with healing energy.
Making the correct combinations of crystals will bring a deep relaxation in body and spirit of the patient.

The treatment is a ‘holistic’ treatment that treats the person as a whole, in order to bring about a balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit to heal the causes of problems in the etheric realm and also their results manifest in the physical layer (the body). This leads to the apparent change in the psychological state of the man.

Within the wide variety of designs and different kinds of semi-precious stones, each one can find the stone that will help him develop the positive aspects of the self, but also give a positive boost in some areas of his life, that may be stalling, such as relations, confidence, luck, abundance and negative energy protection, physical and mental wellbeing.
You can browse through the pages of the properties of crystals for more details, but here you will find a list with a brief description for each stone.
This list will help you choose more easily the crystal that suits you.

Crystal Quartz
Activates all chakras and cleanses the negative energy and the whole aura. When it has sides can be programmed for various subjects.

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Chalcedon dissolves negative energy, brings feelings of joy and gives good mood, harmony and enthusiasm! It helps in communication and confidence!

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The Coral absorbs negative energy, boosts and enhances femininity, helps fertility and the erotic mood. It offers balance and tranquility.

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The Turquoise is a highly protective mineral against negative effects and the evil eye.
Offers luck and material abundance. Boosts energy and the psychical body in general and shows the true feelings.

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Pink Quartz
The pink quartz is the main stone of the heart Chakra.
Radiates love and helps us to have peace of mind. It helps us to overcome fear, sadness and anger and to experience forgiveness and love. It helps to attract the perfect partner.

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Improves memory, helps to calm, relaxation and self-control. It relieves headaches, eliminates insomnia, anxiety and stress. One of the most important properties of Amethyst is that it removes negative energy and helps to harmonious relations.

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It brings wisdom and creates loving relationships. Awakens purity and our connection with the Divine. Boosts feminine energy within us. Fights aggression tendencies. It gives joy to the wearer. It helps fertility.

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It increases self-esteem, self-confidence and optimism. It helps to see the positive aspects of ourselves.
It gives us strength and courage in times of change. It helps us to express our emotions and refreshes the aura.
It absorbs negative energy. Increases passion.

It helps the contact with our higher self. It enables us to realize our dreams and dare to change.
It absorbs negative energy and converts it into a positive. It gives peace, balance and organizational skills. It helps concentration and stability.

It gives balance and strength. It is a mineral that reduces stress in difficult conditions.
Increases courage and urges us to take steps forward. It gives self-control and calmness, balance and concentration. It helps to ground.

Black Tourmaline
It is a powerful stone which has the ability not to leave the negative energy enter our energy field, leaving the body clean and unaffected. Calms anger, it helps to ground and to the enjoy everyday life.

Κράτα το

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The Inner truth and Contact

The lapis lazuli is a semiprecious stone. Main ingredient is the lazouritis responsible for the blue color.

It is a rock which enhances the clarity of mind, helps to find our inner truth and blends them with love relationships. Associated with the third eye and the throat chakra and thymus.

Therapeutic properties: relieves headaches, strengthens the respiratory and nervous system, throat, thyroid and purifies the immune system.

Chakra: 5: Neck, communication, 6: Third eye, head, brain.


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The energy of the moon

The PEARL is representing the female deities. This gemstone in many ancient peoples symbolized the moon’s energy. In China they wear it for longevity and fertility. The ideal shape of it is round and smooth, although it may have other shapes (baroque pearls). The best quality natural pearls have considerable value and are considered gems and objects for centuries.


  • It brings wisdom and creates loving relationships.
  • Awakens chastity and our connection with the Divine.
  • Stimulates feminine energy within us.
  • Combats aggression tendencies.
  • It gives joy to the wearer.

Therapeutic properties:

  • It helps in production of antibodies when they are necessary for the body.
  • It helps fertility.
  • 2nd Chakra: fertility, sexuality, relationships.
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The Divine Purple

A large number of miraculous properties attributed to Amethyst by all ancient civilizations. This Gemstone is one of the most spiritually minerals. Strengthens intuition, enables intuitive dreams and reassures fears.

Amethyst is violet (violet or purple) variant of the mineral quartz and is used for decorative purposes as a gemstone. The ancient Greeks and Romans made jewelry with amethyst and drank from utensils decorated with amethyst, believing that there will be drunk.

This semiprecious stone was used as a gemstone by the ancient Egyptians and other ancient peoples. In various museums and collections are pots, dishes and knick. Beads of this stone was found in Anglo-Saxon graves in England. It was considered a symbol of heavenly understanding and the pioneers in thought and in action in philosophical, religious, spiritual and material level.

Properties of amethyst:

  • Improves memory, helps to calm, relaxation and self-control.
  • It relieves headaches, eliminates insomnia, anxiety and stress.
  • It helps to detoxify the physical body and stimulates the immune system.
  • One of the most important properties of Amethyst is that it removes negative energy and helps to harmonious relations.
  • 6th Chakra: intuition, calmness, spirituality.
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The Gentle Love

The PINK QUARTZ is a mineral silicon, namely very pure silica, the second most common mineral in nature.

The gentle love. It is the key stone of the heart center. It sends love and peace. It helps to have mental harmony. Reduces stress and sadness. It helps to feel joy and happiness. It attracts romance and true love, helping us to unite with a sincere partner. It reveals the internal beauty and leads to artistic expression.

Properties: :

  • This gemstone balances, giving generously a higher form of love.
  • It helps to overcome fear and anger and to experience the forgiveness and love.
  • Sends relaxing energy in every chakra.
  • It helps in fertility.
  • Calms from headaches.
  • Helps the problems of the respiratory system.
  • Chakra 4 – love, peace, heart.
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CRYSTAL QUARTZ – The leading therapist

CRYSTAL QUARTZ is a unique crystal effect. It contains all of the color spectrum and so it affects all human energy centers (chakras) and at all levels of the aura balancing.

Properties of Crystal Quartz:

Cleanses negative energy from the entire body and aura! The Crystal Quartz will become transparent as you wear it because it cleans your energy. It activates the immune system, emits protection and enhances the feeling of safety. The white quartz is the only crystal that can be programmed for any purpose.

The CRYSTAL QUARTZ in the form of ball or sphere, acts as a “companion”, our helper in everyday life, our wiping from all forms of negative energy and helping us to see our inner self. Reveals dreams and expectations, it helps us to clearly see the dark side of the subconscious. It helps to cleanse our energy from waste negative energy and negative thoughts, as well as negative energy absorbing our aura in everyday life, from the interaction with other people.

The CRYSTAL QUARTZ with sides and points, can be programmed (by the therapist only) on any subject and we want to heal. For example, we have difficulty with the relations. We program the crystal to heal the area of ​​relationships in our lives and everything else blocks to succeed in this field. The same applies to intangible areas as work, health, financial, family and so on. The therapist knows how to do the programming. So an area we make a crystal. In another area we make another crystal. Can we say Crystals for different areas of our lives.

The CRYSTAL QUARTZ with sides and tip further has the ability to create the correct energy flow in the body, helping the vital energy to flow from the top up chakra chakra base.

There are many types and shapes Crystal Quartz, with unlimited possibilities and properties. The Crystal Quartz is considered fair as the Top Healer, giving us the divine energy generously!


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