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CRYSTAL QUARTZ – The leading therapist

CRYSTAL QUARTZ is a unique crystal effect. It contains all of the color spectrum and so it affects all human energy centers (chakras) and at all levels of the aura balancing.

Properties of Crystal Quartz:

Cleanses negative energy from the entire body and aura! The Crystal Quartz will become transparent as you wear it because it cleans your energy. It activates the immune system, emits protection and enhances the feeling of safety. The white quartz is the only crystal that can be programmed for any purpose.

The CRYSTAL QUARTZ in the form of ball or sphere, acts as a “companion”, our helper in everyday life, our wiping from all forms of negative energy and helping us to see our inner self. Reveals dreams and expectations, it helps us to clearly see the dark side of the subconscious. It helps to cleanse our energy from waste negative energy and negative thoughts, as well as negative energy absorbing our aura in everyday life, from the interaction with other people.

The CRYSTAL QUARTZ with sides and points, can be programmed (by the therapist only) on any subject and we want to heal. For example, we have difficulty with the relations. We program the crystal to heal the area of ​​relationships in our lives and everything else blocks to succeed in this field. The same applies to intangible areas as work, health, financial, family and so on. The therapist knows how to do the programming. So an area we make a crystal. In another area we make another crystal. Can we say Crystals for different areas of our lives.

The CRYSTAL QUARTZ with sides and tip further has the ability to create the correct energy flow in the body, helping the vital energy to flow from the top up chakra chakra base.

There are many types and shapes Crystal Quartz, with unlimited possibilities and properties. The Crystal Quartz is considered fair as the Top Healer, giving us the divine energy generously!


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