EARRINGS CRYSTAL QUARTZ BLACK TOURMALINE SILVER with Gemstones of Crystal Quartz 10 mm and Black Tourmaline 10 mm, Swarovski Crystals and Silver 925

Crystal Quartz – The Top Healer

The Crystal Quartz is a unique phenomenon because of its particular helical crystalline structure. It is formed in various shapes and shades and contains all spectrums of color and therefore affects all human energy centers (chakras) and all levels of aura, creating a balance.


It activates the immune system, emits protection and gives the feeling of security to the person who wears it. The Crystal Quartz is the assistant of every therapist and it is used in various forms and shapes, each of whom has its own special properties. The Crystal Quartz will become transparent as you wear it because it cleans your energy. Chakra: 7th (top Chakra).

Black Tourmaline – The Strong Protection

Black tourmaline is a strong stone, ideal for amulet for most people. It emits profound wisdom and protection.
The folds of this rock have the ability to make the negative energy slip over them, leaving the body clean and unaffected by anything negative.

Properties of Black Tourmaline

This powerful stone helps us relax from our anger, increasing our sense of kindness and gives peace in our system.
It gives us orientation in our lives and helps us to keep our beliefs and to fight for them.

Therapeutic properties:

Helps for grounding and to enjoy everyday life.
It helps us to easily overcome the difficulties.
Chakra 1st: grounding, fatherly family

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Advice of Use for the Handmade Jewelry by Crystal Pepper

We would like to give you small tips to keep your little “treasure” like new for a long time and to avoid the natural tendency of silver to turn grey and from any kind of damage of the crystals :

  • We Keep our jewels in a casket or a case, leaving a small distance between them.
  • We wear and take them out carefully, especially if they are handmade rings, bracelets or necklaces made of flexible woven silver.
  • We remove jewelry when we do work with our hands.
  • We remove jewelry when we wash our hands and we avoid general contact with water and sweat.
  • We remove jewelry when we put our hand cream.
  • We avoid contact of the jewelry with our perfumes, hairspray and all chemicals and detergents.

Crystal Pepper doesn’t have any responsibility for any damage of the jewelry that can be caused for not using the above advice.

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