HANDMADE EARRINGS HEMATITE SILVER with Hematite 10 mm and 4 mm and Silver 925

Hematite – Balance and strength

In the past, the warriors believed that if they had Hematite on them they would be invulnerable. It is a mineral that reduces stress in difficult circumstances.

Properties: It increases the courage and the desire for inner peace. It gives self-control and calmness, balance and concentration. It balances the Yin and Yang effects on body and space. Hematite strengthens the mind and stimulates memory. It helps us to implement our ideas and strengthens the heart. 1st Chakra: Grounding, balance, achieving goals and ideas.

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Advice of Use for the Handmade Jewelry by Crystal Pepper

We would like to give you small tips to keep your little “treasure” like new for a long time and to avoid the natural tendency of silver to turn grey and from any kind of damage of the crystals :

  • We Keep our jewels in a casket or a case, leaving a small distance between them.
  • We wear and take them out carefully, especially if they are handmade rings, bracelets or necklaces made of flexible woven silver.
  • We remove jewelry when we do work with our hands.
  • We remove jewelry when we wash our hands and we avoid general contact with water and sweat.
  • We remove jewelry when we put our hand cream.
  • We avoid contact of the jewelry with our perfumes, hairspray and all chemicals and detergents.

Crystal Pepper doesn’t have any responsibility for any damage of the jewelry that can be caused for not using the above advice.

Payment and Shipping

Upon completion of your order you have 3 available payment methods:

  • By debit or credit cards of all banks
  • With Direct Bank Transfer to our Account
  • Through PayPal

All Shipping is free regardless of size Order and Area Within Greece. The Free Shipping to Address that you will give us it takes by Courier for Greece about 1-3 Business Days depending on the area. For other countries we will send our order by the Post Office Mail to your address and the charging depends of the country and it takes around a week to deliver.


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